$100 Challenge: Thursday-Day 4

I didn’t pack lunch for today, so I went to a local gas station that sells different combinations of lunch plates.

No drink for me because I left my water at work and I’m on a budget.

Today’s total: 5.19

Balance: $27.28

3 days to go!

Work is providing lunch tomorrow, and my Friday night plans are to read, watch Netflix with my dogs, and sleep.

No plans this weekend either. There’s plenty to do at home!

This isn’t so bad after all.

It helps that I didn’t include groceries, and I started with a full tank of gas. If I can dtay under $100 for the entire 7 days, perhaps I’ll include gas next week. We’ll see.


$100 Day Challenge: Wednesday-Day 3

I knew when I woke up that I was going to spend today, but the remainder of the week is clear. I’ll gladly spend my evenings at home, relaxing. I spent money this morning, but packing my lunch saved me money. I thought it would be hard to see my coworkers set off to eat out, but it wasn’t. Woop woop!

Sandra’s Birthday breakfast at Denny’s- $14.31 (including tip)

Journal (I remembered I promised my coworker a journal like mine, so I stopped by to get her one before work.) – $6.46

Today’s total: $20.77

Balance: $32.47…Yikes

I think I’m good. I’ve packed my lunch for tomorrow,  and they are providing lunch for us on Friday.

Wish me luck! 🤞

$100 Challenge: Day 2 -Tuesday

I’m not doing too well. 🙄

My dogs needed dog food, so I went to the store and purchased dog food as well as a few other items:

Swiffer Sweep cloths- $7.97

Dog food (small bag)- $4.92

Snack bags (to pack work snacks)- $1.50

Dog treats- $3.99

6 composition books @$0.50 each (I need 60 for my students,  and the most I can get at a time are 6.)  -$3.00

Total- $23.14

Balance: $53.24

I decided to skip dinner and drinks on Thursday with coworkers which is okay because I am pooped after my first day back at work. All I wanted to do after work was come home.

Our book club meeting was moved to next Tuesday, so I won’t need money to spend there either.

$53.24 doesn’t sound like much. It’s crazy how fast money goes. Luckily, I am packing my lunch, and my gas tank is 3/4 full.

$100 Challenge: Day 1 -Monday

I mentioned earlier that I had my friend, Sandra’s birthday, but I realized we are celebrating hers and another close friend during our book club meeting on Friday, so that means two presents.

I worried I was going to spend too much, but I was able to get two gifts and a gift bag for $21.62. TJMaxx has great deals, and I found things that I know they will love.

For Sandra, I got a message board with a photo clip and letters she can use to write anything she chooses. She loves pictures, so that’s perfect.

For Debbie, I got a plaque with the 1st Corinthians love passage.

Message board- $9.99

Plaque – $7.99

Gift bag – $1.99

With taxes =$21.62

And $2.00 for a homeless man on my way to work.

Today’s total was $23.62.

My remaining balance is $76.38.

Yikes! Let’s see how this goes!

My meals today:

I skipped breakfast because I woke up late.

Lunch: I cooked some chicken I had there and ate it with left over salad from yesterday.

Snacks: almonds, grapes, apple -all of which I have in the fridge.

Dinner: chicken left over from lunch with 1/4 avocado.

I still have enough chicken for lunch tomorrow.

Feeling good about this!

Let me know if you have any suggestions!


I got a text from a friend: I know I shouldn’t bring him up, but is Javier moving to California?

If you “know” you shouldn’t bring him up, why did you?!

California!!!! That’s so far away. 😦

My heart hurts at the thought.

My response: I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. I haven’t spoken to him in almost a month.  (White lie.)

How the hell would I know?!?! We broke up over three weeks ago!!!!

God, help me. Why am I so weak?!

I hate missing him.

$100 Challenge

I came across a challenge that I had previously read about online, but this time, I decided to take it on.

The challenge is to limit my spending to under 100 dollars over a 7 day period.

That gives me about $14.28 a day. It will definitely be a change to just swiping away.

On my agenda this week, I have my friend, Sandra’s, birthday, a book club meeting, dinner and drinks with coworkers, and it’s my first week back at work, so that means my coworkers will want to go out to lunch. Yikes! That’s a lot!

I will have to limit my drinking and cook! I am not convinced that I will be able to do this, but I’m gonna try! Tomorrow is day 1. Let’s see how this goes!